Thursday, February 6, 2014

Simple: Makeup

We all have routines we follow. Some of us are more structured, and some of us are spontaneous. Either way, we each tend to wash, rinse, and repeat our daily routines.

Something most women do every day is apply makeup, or at the very least care for their face. (If you're not, you should be!) Cosmetics are one of those things that women collect a lot of. I used to, but since I've been on a journey to live a more contented and intentional life, I have purged the excess and simplified my daily routine. If you're looking to do the same, I have some tips for you:

  • First, shop what you have. Chances are good that everything in your cupboard matches or almost matches your skin tone and type. Figure out what you have that you like and get rid of the rest. Throw away anything that's old or used (I know it's hard, but get over it. You'll feel better when it's gone). Donate anything that is barely used to a women's shelter or to a friend.
  • Once you simplify what you have, start trying stuff on. As you try colors and shades on, decide if they're right for you. If not, toss 'em. If so, keep 'em. 
  • As you remove things from your menagerie, find a makeup bag you like and use that as a boundary. You can only have as much stuff as can fit in the bag. Don't cheat this one by getting the biggest makeup bag you can find. Get one that would easily fit in your carry on or your purse for traveling.
  • If you like one color in a palette but don't like the idea of wasting the other colors, take the palette with you to the drug store or department store and see if you can match it with a single shade. Chances are pretty good you'll be able to find something very similar. 
  • If you find you're missing something in your routine, go buy it. But first, research the brands. There are a few databases online that show the toxicity of the ingredients of cosmetic brands and others that talk about the ethical (or not-so-ethical) manufacturing methods companies use. (I personally love Arbonne.)
  • Don't be afraid to spend a lot on a good product (but maybe not every product). I spent $26 on my primer and $24 on my mascara. It was worth it. To balance that, I found a foundation and translucent powder I really like for $3 each.

First off, I don't scrub my face every day. I wash with a sensitive skin cleanser and facial scrubbie in the shower twice a week. When I get out of the shower, I use a moisturizer with SPF 15. If I'm not planning on doing any other makeup but want a little coverage, I'll use a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15.

I don't take showers every day (I promise I don't smell), so on the days I don't shower I use moistened facial wipes before applying makeup. It's very important to start with a clean face so your makeup stays put longer. I also don't throw the cloth in the trash right away, but use the back to wipe my makeup brushes clean after I use them. 

For my actual makeup routine, I start with a primer, then apply foundation with a foundation brush under my eyes, along the sides of my nose and my upper lip. Blend really well outward to make sure there are no demarcation lines. I don't cover my whole face because I don't feel I need to, but I do have dark circles and just wearing concealer is too obvious. 

Once my foundation is in place, I cover everything with a translucent powder. This sets the foundation and removes shine. As you can probably already tell by it's name, it has very little pigment and is extremely light on my skin. I follow with a tiny bit of blush just on the apples of my cheeks in a really subtle shade of pink.

Then, for my eyes, I'll wear a light layer of mauve eye shadow, a thin line of black liner just over the outside half of my upper lid (giving the effect of longer, fuller lashes), and a coat of black mascara on my upper lashes.

I have what my mother has always called 'voluptuous lips' so I only wear balm (for a more matte look) or lanolin (for a more glossy shine) on my lips and call it done!

Here's a list of all the products I use:

  • Moisturizer with SPF 15
  • Tinted moisturizer with SPF 15
  • Facial cleansing cloths
  • Primer
  • Foundation (and foundation brush)
  • Translucent powder (and Kabuki brush)
  • Blush (applied with Kabuki brush)
  • Mauve and shimmery white eye shadows (eye shadow brush)
  • Cream eye liner (eye liner brush, angled brush)
  • Mascara
  • Lip balm/lanolin
  • Tinted lip gloss

If I want to make my look more for nighttime or more glamorous, I line my whole upper lash line with a thicker line (maybe ending with a little wing) and the outside half my bottom lash line. Then I'll wear more layers of eye shadow with a small amount along my lower lash line and use a highlighting shade along my brow and in the inside corner of my eyes, and finish off with a tinted lip gloss. Because all my colors match my skin tone, I don't feel the need to change my eye shadow or lip color to match my outfit or mood. It's amazing the different looks you can make with all the same products you use daily.

I didn't share specific products or colors because, honestly, it probably wouldn't be useful to you anyways. It took me a long time to find just the right products for my skin type and coloring. That takes a lot of wasted money and energy, but when you find just the right shade of whatever, you'll be glad you spent the time. 

What's your morning makeup routine and how would you simplify it?

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  1. Nice post.Now I'm ready to toss some of my make up clutter:)