Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Free hand soap for life!

If you've ever been to a baby/wedding shower, graduation party, housewarming party, etc etc etc, you know there are likely to be favors given away or prizes.

You should know that I am very competitive and I love to win. And I always pick the soap prize. I win frequently enough that I have built up a stash of soaps that I use to refill my hand soap dispensers.

This year, I won a foaming hand soap pump from a baby shower! (Best prize to date.) If you haven't used one, it works just like regular hand soap pump, but it foams the soap before it spits it out into your hand. This is marvelous for a frugal household because it uses a lot less soap per pump, I'm estimating about half as much. And because I use the pretty scented soaps I get from other people, I never get bored of the smell! My dispenser is half full now, and I have 2 more bottles of soap to refill, with approximately 2 refills per bottle. That means I have plenty of soap to hold me over until the next shower season.

So, lets do a cost analysis. Soap dispenser: FREE. Soap refills: FREE. Total cost: FREE + FREE = FREE!!! I love free stuff. :)

What marvelous and ingenious ways do you save money on consumables in your house?

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